Ready to share profits with distributors, share opportunities, and establish a long-term, sustainable partnership with them.

We prioritize caring and supporting distributors, offering collaborative assistance to enhance the closeness between distributors and distributors, manufacturers.

We strive to provide maximum protection for distributors against market fluctuations.

Ensuring fairness throughout the distribution system, we aim to protect customers for distributors. Together with distributors, we aim to expand the market and broaden the distributor’s distribution channels.


To establish our distributor network, POC Helmets has set forth the following criteria:

  • Possession of a valid business registration certificate according to Vietnamese laws.
  • Engaged in business activities related to helmet, sports accessories, motorcycle trading, bicycle trading, or occupational safety equipment.
  • Maintaining a stable business location within the region desired by POC Helmets for distributorship.
  • Demonstrating robust financial reports and good financial capabilities. Having a strong market presence and positive customer relations within the managed market area.
  • Cases that may not meet all the above conditions but express interest and fall within the area where POC Vietnam International Company Limited does not have a distributor may also be considered for distributorship.


Any qualified entity wishing to become a distributor for POC Helmets can directly contact the Sales Department of POC Vietnam International Company Limited to receive a distributor registration form or download the form and submit it online through the link: HERE.

Within 5 working days from the date of receiving the distributor registration form, the business manager is responsible for investigating the applying entity and responding to the registration request. In case the entity meets all the requirements to become a distributor for the company, the business manager will contact the applicant to provide additional relevant documents, submit them to the Director of POC Vietnam International Company Limited for review, and make a decision.

The distributor contract is a legally binding agreement and fundamental principle document for collaboration between the two entities.



The pricing applicable to distributors is the list price issued by POC Vietnam International Company Limited. Any changes to the price list will be communicated in writing. The company will organize distributor conferences, customer events for discussions, addressing inquiries, and rewarding distributors with outstanding achievements in the business activities involving products manufactured and distributed by POC Vietnam International Company Limited.


  • POC Helmets promotes the brand and provides digital marketing support.
  • Distributor information is featured on the POC Helmets website and advertising materials.
  • Provided with advertising materials, product introductions, technical documents, and catalogs.
  • Regular updates on new technologies and products.
  • Eligible for POC Helmets’ preferential warranty policies


  • Organize displays, product introductions, and market activities to support the distributor’s sales efforts.
  • Allocate a certain area for product display and introduction (if there is a showroom) or display on the website and online sales pages.
  • Inform POC Vietnam International Company Limited about consumption trends, price fluctuations, and customer feedback on product quality.
  • Adhere to the terms of the distributor agreement and purchase contract.
  • Not disclose a public selling price lower than the nationwide listed retail price of POC Vietnam International Company Limited.
  • Annually, POC Helmets will consolidate purchase figures, evaluate business activities, and market development activities for review and decision-making regarding the continuation or termination of the distributor relationship.


POC Helmets and the distributor cooperate on the principles of mutual equality and mutual benefit. Any conflicts arising during the collaboration must be resolved through voluntary negotiation. In the event of non-consensus, conflicts will be resolved at the Economic Court – People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City, and the court’s decision is final, with the losing party bearing all expenses.

POC Vietnam International Company Limited and the distributor are two completely independent legal entities, operating legally and equally under the laws of Vietnam. In all cases, neither party has the right to represent the other legally or mislead any third party about legal representation.

Legal responsibilities, tax obligations, and obligations to any third party by POC Vietnam International Company Limited or the distributor are unrelated to the other party.


This policy is effective from the date of agreement until a new Distributor Policy is issued and formally communicated in writing, if applicable.