Năm 2022 ra mắt mẫu nón POC Creation 1
Định hướng phát triển POC Helmets


POC Helmets originated as a retail store for helmets in Ho Chi Minh City. The store specializes in trading high-quality and safety-standard helmets, including motorcycle helmets (Fullface, 3/4, 1/2), sports helmets, and other accessories. It was from this point that the idea of creating a high-quality helmet brand for Vietnamese users was born.


After several years of nurturing, the POC - Power of Creation brand was officially established in 2019. POC was born with the mission of providing high-quality, stylish helmets, always emphasizing the user experience.


On the path of development, POC expanded its distribution scale to cover all districts of Ho Chi Minh City, areas in the Southeast, Southwest provinces, and the Central region. The POC helmet brand has become popular and has established a firm position in the industry.


The establishment of POC - Power of Creation helmet manufacturing company marked the beginning of a business scale development chain. The production workshop was invested in advanced technology, modern machinery, dedicated workforce, and committed to the sustainable development of the business.


In July 2023, POC introduced a 1/2 motorcycle helmet model named POC Creation—the first product manufactured and completed at POC Helmets' production facility. POC Creation marks a significant milestone in the journey to conquer both domestic and international markets.

Development Direction

With the vision of becoming a leading reputable national brand in the helmet industry and aiming for the international market, POC Helmets will continue to persist in pursuing the philosophy of honesty, innovation, and customer dedication. This commitment is aimed at creating practical and sustainable values for the community.