Safety, Trust, & Quality

POC Helmets – A reputable brand in the Vietnamese market in the helmet industry. We take pride in being a business that provides high-quality helmet products.

With the slogan “Power of creation,” we continuously research and produce innovative products, imbued with a strong brand identity.


The health and safety of users are always a top priority for POC Helmets. POC helmets are designed and manufactured with the mission of protecting the user’s head when participating in traffic and sports activities.

Whether you engage in sports or commute on two-wheeled vehicles, a helmet is an essential piece of equipment. Collision situations can occur at any time and without warning. Therefore, wearing a helmet is crucial when moving on two-wheeled vehicles or participating in sports.

Protect your health and enhance safety by using a helmet.


POC confidently stands as a trustworthy brand in the production and distribution of helmets, sports helmets, and motorcycle helmets. From its inception to the present, POC has been honored to receive the trust and favor of consumers. The trust of our customers is the driving force that propels POC forward, fostering continuous growth and development.


Proud to be a brand delivering high-quality helmet products, POC continuously integrates technology into the manufacturing process to enhance product quality. POC products undergo a series of rigorous testing processes and are certified to meet the CE En 1078 standard for bicycles and the QCVN 2:2008/BKHCN standard for motorcycles.

Currently and in the future, POC is dedicated to the safety of users. We commit to ongoing improvement, upgrading product quality, and delivering the best values to the community…