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The POC P04 helmet is the result of a meticulous research process. The design team has invested a significant amount of time and effort to craft the most perfected helmets. POC Helmets always carefully selects materials to enhance the durability of the product and the protection of the users.

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    In addition, the ventilation system of the POC P04 helmet is carefully calculated according to aerodynamics to provide maximum breathability for users.

    The ventilation system consists of 21 large ventilation holes at the front and on the top of the product, allowing air to easily pass through the lining fabric to cool the head area. Meanwhile, 5 ventilation holes at the back of the helmet help hot air to quickly escape from the helmet enclosure. This design contributes to improving the ventilation efficiency, providing a comfortable feel when using the product on hot

    Horizontal structure of POC P04 helmetIn addition, the product is equipped with two convenient covers, operating easily: a mesh cover enhances quick ventilation in sunny weather, and a regular cover can effectively shield against rain after being slid up or down.

    Thiết kế đầy mạnh mẽ của POC P04

    Not only stopping at advanced materials and professional craftsmanship, POC P04 also stands out with intricate and unique design styles. The symmetrical ventilation system along with many sharp cuts creates a strong and eye-catching overall appearance.

    On the other hand, the trendy color palette of the POC P04 is suitable for the preferences of many customer segments. You can flexibly match the helmet with different outfits to achieve a standout and attractive appearance.

    Structure of the front part of the POC P04 helmetWhat are you waiting for? Choose the POC P04 helmet right away for your upcoming journeys! The product is now available at all of our official dealers. Check out the official POC Helmets store system at the page Find agent

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