No matter the industry, POC Helmets are also a target for illicit business entities. With such sophisticated levels, how can one differentiate between counterfeit POC helmets and genuine ones? Today’s article will provide detailed descriptions to help users make the right choice when purchasing.

The distinctive style, superior quality, and high applicability of POC helmets contribute to their trendiness. However, nowadays, similar products with competitive prices have flooded the market, leaving consumers feeling perplexed. Don’t worry! To purchase genuine helmets, you only need to visit POC’s authorized dealer network, scrutinize every detail, and thoroughly check the product’s pricing.


All authentic POC helmets boast high aesthetics and meticulous craftsmanship, affirming their class through every detail.


Authentic POC Helmet Details

1Thông tin nón poc p01


vỏ nón poc p01Shell Material and Finish:

  • PC plastic shell with effective shock resistance.
  • Special high-gloss paint coating, available in diverse, dynamic, and personalized colors.


Xốp nón poc p01

Ultra-Light EPS Foam:

  • Imported from the U.S., minimizes impact injuries upon collision.
  • Thick and securely attached to the helmet shell, resisting deformation and finely edged with PC plastic.


vải lót nón poc p01Lining and Chin Padding:

  • Coolmax breathable material featuring the POC logo.
  • Soft, absorbent, antibacterial, and quick-drying.


Núm xoay 360 độ của nón POC P01360-Degree Rotating Dial:

  • Smooth operation with no audible noise during use.
  • Users can quickly adjust the head circumference by gently turning this detail.


dây quai nón poc p01Dual-Layer Synthetic Strap: Clear POC logo prints, easy to adjust, and withstands strong tension.


Only purchase through authorized dealers. The simplest identification is the distinctive POC yellow-black logo and the slogan “Power of Creation.” Here, you’ll receive attentive advice and enjoy comprehensive warranty policies (free replacement of straps, rotating dials, and safety locks).


Price correlates with product quality, and POC prioritizes quality. This is the premise for our commitment to delivering superior products that meet customer expectations of all ages.

Note that we only sell at the listed price at authorized dealers. If a product has an unexpectedly low price, it may be fake or imitation. Choose to buy authentic POC helmets and join us in protecting your rights!

Bảng giá nón POCBảng giá nón POC4. COMMITMENT

Above are the insights from POC Helmets about helmets. If you want to explore and choose hot market helmet models, please check the product page. Or visit POC Helmets’ authorized dealers to choose a product that fits your size and color preferences.

After reading this article, if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments or contact us through the hotline or POC Helmets Fanpage for assistance! Wishing you a lucky and energetic working day.