1. Introduction to POC P05 Helmet

A helmet is an essential accessory every time you hit the road with a means of transportation, especially a motorcycle. It is indispensable for your safety on various journeys. The POC P05 helmet is the choice for individuals who love to use lightweight, easy-to-use helmets with high practicality. With its outstanding advantages, fashionable design, P05 has easily won over users. 

Cùng nón POC P05 theo đổi đam mê

2. POC P05 – Diverse Colors

Visual appeal is the first thing that attracts consumers. Therefore, the POC P05 helmet is designed to be eye-catching. With a round shape, slightly bulging to fit various face shapes, POC P05 is highly favored and chosen by the younger generation. With more than 10 different colors, from neutral to vibrant, subtle to bright, P05 offers you a wide range of choices.

In addition to choosing your favorite color, you can also freely decorate your helmet with accessories such as cat ears, bear ears, stickers, etc. Be more confident when hitting the streets with your favorite helmet, becoming the center of attention with a young, dynamic fashion style.

Nón POC P05 màu sắc trẻ trung

3. Quality Helmet Construction

Parallel to the design, product quality is a crucial factor in consumer decision-making. Therefore, POC Helmets always places high importance on the quality of each helmet. The POC P05 helmet, a premium sports helmet, not only passes tests for cycling helmets but also meets the standards for motorcycle helmets.

Meeting all the structures to ensure user safety in traffic, the POC P05 helmet includes:

  • The shell is made of original ABS plastic beads with high mechanical strength and rigidity, ensuring stability.
  • Imported EPS foam from Germany, then compressed at a high density to absorb impact, disperse and minimize the impact force on the protected area.
  • Sturdy chin strap, not easily loosened or torn in case of an accident.
Chi tiết phụ kiện nón POC P05

4. Helmet Specifications

Becoming a favored helmet model, in addition to the quality, the POC P05 helmet also offers the following comfort advantages:

  • Lightweight, only about 415 grams, not causing heaviness when wearing the helmet.
  • 360-degree rotating knob adjusts the helmet size to fit snugly around the head. This ensures a safer participation in traffic, without worrying about slipping or loosening.
  • Soft lining and chin pads, coolmax material that quickly absorbs water and sweat, without causing skin irritation.
  • Ventilation holes arranged according to aerodynamics principles, allowing easy airflow and preventing stuffiness or heat buildup when wearing the helmet for a long time.

5. Commitment:

With the P05 helmet model, besides using it when controlling a motorcycle in traffic, you can also use it for sports purposes. The POC P05 helmet is suitable for healthy sports such as skateboarding, rollerblading, etc. With the POC P05 helmet, confidently stroll the streets, and experience interesting sports activities…

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