1. MTB – Extreme and Challenging Cycling Sport

MTB is an abbreviation for “mountain biking,” also known as off-road cycling. This cycling sport is considered one of the adventurous sports that attracts young people and sports enthusiasts.

Players in this discipline showcase their cycling skills on challenging terrains such as mountains, hills, forests, trails, or other natural landscapes. Why is it considered a challenging and dangerous sport? Because, as the name suggests “mountain biking,” you have to ride on challenging terrains, rugged landscapes, so you may encounter unforeseen difficulties and dangers.


2. How many forms does mountain biking racing have?

Just like other sports, MTB is also divided into various categories. The forms of mountain biking include: Cross – country (XC), Downhill (DH), Dual Slalom (DS), Four -cross (4X), Trial ….

Each form of racing has its own requirements and rules, but all demand that the riders possess good bike control skills, patience, and courage. To master the necessary skills, riders must undergo a patient training process. Besides, they must maintain a strong mental attitude, sharp spirits to respond quickly to complex terrains.

3. What do you need to prepare for MTB?

In addition to essential equipment like a mountain bike, you need to equip yourself with other important protective gear such asa helmet.

The helmet plays a crucial role in protecting the safety of the head and brain of the user in the event of a collision. At the same time, you will feel more confident when you have a high-quality helmet.

Mountain Bike Helmet

4. What factors does an MTB helmet need?

  • The helmet must be of high quality, ensuring safety: The helmet must have good quality, protecting the head area in case of impact. The helmet must withstand strong impacts and have the ability to disperse as well as absorb shock. Minimize external forces affecting the head as much as possible.
  • The helmet should be lightweight, reducing pressure on the shoulders, neck, and back of the rider. More importantly, a heavy helmet can make the rider less confident in performing stylish maneuvers.
  • A helmet should fit snugly around the head: The MTB helmet should be selected to fit the rider’s head circumference perfectly. Because if the measurement is not suitable, users will feel uncomfortable or the helmet may fall off, interfering with the sports activities. Therefore, the helmet must be ensured to fit snugly with the size of your head. Currently, most sports helmets have an adjustable sizing system at the back of the helmet.
  • The helmet must have an effective ventilation system. Due to cycling in challenging terrain and being quite adventurous, individuals need to equip themselves with a helmet model that has many ventilation holes, good air circulation, and effectively cools the scalp.
  • The helmet has a visor to prevent dirt, rocks, and branches from flying into the eye area, providing shade for the eyes and a part of the face. Aiding in ensuring good visibility, enhancing efficiency during movement.

5. So where can you find quality helmet products like that?

Currently, on the market, there is an abundance of helmet products. Users can have many different choices. However, the choice of a helmet also depends on various factors: reputable brand, guaranteed quality, affordable price. In addition, this protective gear must meet quality criteria and have the ability to protect the head effectively.

POC Helmets, one of the reputable helmet brands in Vietnam. POC’s helmet models are certified to pass the inspection and meet the CE En 1078 standards (Quality standards for sports helmets in Europe). This certification can attest to the quality and safety level of POC Helmets’ helmet models.

Dangerous sports helmet POC P18 image.

6. POC Helmets offers helmet models suitable for MTB.

For the mountain biking discipline, POC Helmets currently provides you with two high-quality and stylish sports helmet models: POC P07 & POC P18

Meeting all the necessary standards for MTB helmets, the two models POC P07 and POC P18 are fully equipped to take on the challenging trails filled with rocks and obstacles Explore and experience each POC product at authorized dealers of POC Helmets.

POC P07 and POC P18 cycling helmets

7. Dedication

To ensure safety when participating in extreme sports in general and mountain biking in particular, it is essential to equip yourself with specialized protective gear such as clothing, helmets, and more.

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