1. What is the Fidlock magnetic fastener?

Fidlock is a pioneering brand in the development and manufacturing of unique locking systems from Germany. Fidlock has created distinctive products, highly praised for innovation, quality, and performance. The brand has received numerous international awards for design and technology and is widely used in the sports, household, medical, and various other industries worldwide.

Fidlock is a leading brand in the development and production of unique locking systems in Germany. Fidlock has introduced innovative products, acclaimed for their creativity, quality, and performance. The brand has received multiple international awards for design and technology and is extensively utilized in the sports, household, medical, and various other industries globally.

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2. How does the Fidlock magnetic fastener operate?

Fidlock is globally renowned with the message “Function and funny,” emphasizing the connection between features and enjoyment. This means that when using the magnetic fastener product, you simultaneously combine two aspects – excellent functionality and enjoyable experiences.

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Fidlock’s magnetic fastener operates with an easy-to-disassemble mechanism due to the magnetic properties. The magnets are intricately crafted in every small detail, allowing the fastener to work almost automatically and snap into the correct position. It may seem simple, but scientists here have meticulously calculated to create a smooth interaction between the two magnet poles. Furthermore, with magnetic locking technology, users can swiftly and easily engage the fastener, either by rotating/sliding with one hand or even while wearing gloves.

3. POC helmets and Fidlock magnetic fasteners?

With POC Helmets, a helmet is not just protective gear; it is both protection and companionship. Every user’s experience must meet optimal safety and comfort. POC’s helmet buckle modification is an upgrade in value, ensuring that every moment of customer product usage is guaranteed.

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4. Commitment

POC’s primary goal is to provide Vietnamese users with the highest-quality POC helmets. We choose to incorporate the most advanced technologies into our products, with Fidlock being a testament to this commitment. The brand is meticulous at every stage, from manufacturing to sales, carefully selecting reputable suppliers for materials with clear origins. Therefore, customers can be confident in their choice of POC Helmets.

In the upcoming future, we will remain steadfast in adhering to our core values to develop a robust business. POC takes pride in being a distributor and manufacturer of premium-quality helmets with outstanding features.