Preparing for the 2024 Tet holiday is not only the joy of buying new clothes, cooking traditional dishes, and exchanging meaningful wishes with family members,… And Tet also needs to be a time for family reunions and safety. Especially during the Tet holiday season, each of us needs to raise awareness and equip ourselves with the necessary items to ensure safe and smooth travel when participating in traffic.

POC helmet – a famous brand for high-quality helmet products. Bringing peace of mind, a unique fashion style every time you go out, and being a reliable companion during spring trips to celebrate Tet. On the occasion of spring 2024, POC wishes to send you the message “don’t let the distance stop you from coming home”

  1. The message POC Helmets wishes to convey on Tet 2024

Vietnamese traditional Tet is an important and emotional moment of problem solving, marking the end of the old year and the beginning of a new process. This is an opportunity for families to gather, clean the house, and welcome an exciting new year.

However, the modern pace of life easily makes us get caught up in work and forget the important and gentle meaning of Tet holiday! No matter how busy you are or how far away your home is, please don’t forget that Tet is a reunion, “Don’t let the distance stop you from coming home.”

Shipper is busy on Tet holiday

  1. Tet short film “Don’t let the distance be a barrier to getting home”

Originating from simple wishes, the dream is to spread meaningful messages and safety concerns when driving vehicles conveniently to everyone on the road during the Lunar New Year 2024. POC asked for permission to tell the story through a short film.

  • Movie name: Unstoppable walk home
  • Release date: February 20, 2024
  • Genre: Romance, family, daily life
  • Production unit: POC Helmets

After entering and cherishing plans, for the first time, POC Helmets released a short film during the 2024 Lunar New Year. We look forward to your support and appreciation.

In the film, the character Tuan works as a motorbike taxi driver. A young man from the countryside came to the city to start a career with the burning desire of youth. However, the fast pace of urban life and the pressures of food, clothes, bottles, and money made him get caught up in the hustle and bustle of work and forget about the approaching Tet holiday, and forget about his family waiting for him to return. ..

During a bus ride, he accidentally met Trang, a strong girl with a humorous personality. She was on her way back to her hometown to celebrate Tet to reunite with her family but accidentally met Tuan. With the honest and straightforward words of a Westerner, she helped Tuan realize that he was forgetting things The truly precious meaning of Tet.

With the combination of a young, talented cast and touching, profound film content, “Don’t let the distance stop you from going home” promises to bring many surprises to audiences during the Lunar New Year. Dan 2024. What are you waiting for without the highest quality movies on the channel? YouTube POC Official.

Don't let it stop you from going home

  1. POC helmet, Every Tet’s Companion

3.1 Goods safety

When participating in road traffic during Tet holidays, safety is always the top priority. Understanding this, POC Helmets wishes to continue its strength and act with you.

You can rest assured about the quality of POC helmets because they meet strict Quatest 2 quality testing standards, are intelligently designed, and are made from modern materials.

Warning the main character returns home to celebrate Tet

3.2 Unique design, outstanding style

The extremely beautiful and sophisticated design of POC helmets has quickly attracted many customers of different ages. Furthermore, diversifying colors and paint layers The sharp screen also helps POC hats stand out and create their personality when combined with outstanding outfits during Tet.

The intelligence in design is also shown through the ventilation system to help ensure ventilation, keeping your head cool even on long trips, and avoiding scalp diseases such as ringworm, psoriasis, etc. …

Other design amenities such as Fidlock magnetic key Helps you save time, easy operation with one hand or 360° rotating knob to quickly adjust the size, ensuring it fits each head size are the benefits that POC Helmets wants its customers. experience experience.

Image of parents wearing Creation 1 poc hats to go shopping for Tet 2024

3.3 Create special configurations

With side border design,POC products are chosen and welcomed by many people because of the advantages of extremely high-quality materials such as:

  • High-quality ABS plastic shell, durable, resistant to strong impacts from external forces, EPS is compressed with high density, good shock absorption.
  • The lining and cushion fabric are comfortable and soft, absorb water well and do not cause irritation.
  • The weight of the hat is made from high-quality, gentle materials that do not cause discomfort even if you have to wear the hat for a long time.

POC Helmets meet the requirements of users during Tet in terms of mixed design and quality. With POC, you can have the mindset to use and create exciting experiences with POC.

Detailed configuration POC creation 1

  1. Conclusion

POC helmets wish to support safe, not-so-far journeys to return to their loving families during the Lunar New Year 2024. Let the POC hat become your reliable companion, providing comfort and convenience in every road. Don’t let the distance stop you from returning home!

Let’s enjoy this movie! In particular, don’t forget to share your feelings and interesting moments with your beloved family during Tet in the comments section below to spread a meaningful message to everyone and let POC know!